Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose Genetics

Sugar Black Rose is an 80% Indica, 20% Sativa hybrid of Critical Mass and 1998 Black Domina bred by Delicious Seeds. Sugar Black Rose is, without doubt, one of the tastiest Indicas we have ever laid our hands on. It is the result of crossing Critical Mass with the highly-prized 1998 Black Domina mother. This variety is the best example of the Domina phenotype and the most highly valued by lovers of this strain.

The buds have a sweet, fruity fragrance like orange or other sweet citrus fruits.

The taste is like mature grapes and flowers with a touch of skunk that is really interesting. When we exhale sweet taste with hints of fruit and fresh flowers.

The effect of Sugar Black Rose is instantaneous and very long lasting, almost narcotic. It will soon put you in a deeply relaxed state. Sugar Black Rose is very suitable for medicinal usage and for indica lovers in general as it also causes mild cerebral stimulation.

Sugar Black Rose may be helpful for chronic pain, stress, anxiety or nausea.